Ten Ways to Celebrate the everyday


Carve out space in your day for something that makes you feel peaceful. For us, it’s lighting candles before the sun comes up and sitting in the soft glow with our coffee while the rest of the house sleeps. Other rituals might be an afternoon tea ceremony, a nature walk while listening to an audiobook, a post-shower dance party while getting ready, a nightly post-it note with the next day’s intentions. Anything that helps connect you to a feeling of goodness and positivity.


Just like a photographer changes lenses for a different perspective, we should, too! Try to see the world around you from a new angle. Take creative photos on your phone every day – at home, at the grocery store, wherever you are. Challenge yourself to see something new in the mundane. Before you know it, you’ll be transforming the world around you!


This is the biggie, the Big Kahuna, the Big Lebowski, the big…well, you get it! One of the reasons we often look back on the halcyon days of our youth as the best time of our lives is because it was filled with new experiences – first crushes, first friendships, first dreams for the future. It’s important to keep seeking out firsts as we get older – these new experiences are, in fact, the fountain of youth! Take a swim in it! (And bonus points for trying something that scares you.)


Not every day can be a birthday or an anniversary, but don’t miss out on all the other moments worth celebrating! It’s in the in-between where life happens. So make a big deal out of the awesome haircut you gave your kid (thank you, YouTube), the fact that you made it a whole day without swearing at anyone, the Mount Vesuvius pile of laundry you managed to tackle. No excuse is too small. The sillier the celebration, the better, to encourage everyone to just let loose.


The easiest way to get unstuck from that rut you’re in? Do something spur of the moment – get everyone in the car and drive to a random town you’ve never been to, run through a sprinkler, get a psychic reading – the only limit is your imagination!


Who needs a reason to celebrate? Not us! Doing things “just because” is the only justification we need. Want to bake a cake just because? Do it. Thinking of calling someone you haven’t talked to in years? No time like the present! Feel like rearranging the living room? Why not!


It can be easy to dwell on all the things that are wrong with right now, but don’t – it’s a trap! It’s quicksand for your soul! Next time you find yourself having a pity party for one, stop and ask yourself “Alright, so what’s next?” Refocus yourself on forward movement – on something that excites you. Sure, you might be quarantining at home for the 200th straight day, but maybe you start researching a trip you want to take when this is all over, maybe you brainstorm a dinner party you’ll hold, maybe you take some of this time to plot a career change! What’s next? Anything you want!


If your eyes have turned into pinwheels, and you no longer know what day it is, it is time to get out of the house, you hear?! Get a change of scenery – it’ll boost your energy, creativity, and productivity! Go to a nearby lake, lie down in the backyard, walk in the woods. Just get out of your four walls at home and give your eyes something else to look at besides your unicorn slippers!


There are entire industries dedicated to helping you escape – books, movies, music, travel, art. Take advantage of this time to explore, even from the comfort of your couch. Can’t take the next plane to Italy? Maybe not, but you can read The Enchanted April, whip up some cacio e pepe, take a virtual tour of the Vatican Museums, and enjoy a dessert espresso accompanied by Pavarotti. Silver lining? You get to sleep in your own bed at the end of the night!


One of the most rewarding things we can do is nurture – each other, other living things, ourselves. Start small, maybe with a plant (one that’s especially hard to kill, if you’re new to plants), or set aside 15 minutes each week to read a book to your young niece on FaceTime, or give yourself 10 minutes each morning to journal. Life itself is a gift, and we are growing at every age, which is absolutely worth celebrating, if you think about it!