Monthly Membership

$38.00 / month

Minimum 3-month commitment.
(After all, good things come in threes, they say!)



With 7 nights in a week, there are just so many opportunities to host a charming evening at home with friends.  Why not become a Monthly Member?

Each month, Members can choose any 1 Blueprint digital guide from our constantly expanding online Shop. And the good news doesn’t stop there – Members can purchase additional Blueprints for $38 each (that’s more than 20% off – yay math!). We’ve never heard of a better reason to throw a dinner party (or 2 or 3).

Membership only requires an initial 3-month commitment, but we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll want to stick around!

(The Bluebird Box and The Little Blue Book are not eligible for the Monthly Membership discount at this time.)


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