Campfire Box

This Bluebird Box invites you into the mystical energy of bonfires and outdoor adventure. Our birdies collected the firewood (aka, the portable campfire) and foraged for the most evocative elements of nature so all you have to do is break out the s’mores! Whether gathering under the stars or on your living room floor, you’ll have everything you need to huddle close and share your favorite timeworn stories around the warmth of the fire all night long.


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This party is inspired by warm summer nights under the stars, the simple joy in using a French press, the satisfaction of building your own campfire and the happiness found in nature.


This Box Includes our Campfire Hand-Picked items and All-Access to our Campfire Blueprint:

  • The Radiate Portable Campfire
  • Adventure Awaits Cocktail Napkins
  • Forest Tree Appetizer Picks
  • Pinecone Cheese/Jam Spreaders
  • Evergreen Scented Candle & Decorative Matches to Refresh Your Restroom
  • Bitters Infused Sugar Cubes & Dried Orange Peels
  • Natural Frayed Napkin Ties
  • Curated Menu with Recipes and Grocery Lists
  • Signature Cocktail Recipes and Suggested Beverage Pairings
  • Design Inspiration For Styling Your Tablescape
  • Décor Tips, Tricks, and Product Links
  • Sartorial Style Guides for You and Your Guests
  • A Place Setting Map and Recommended Tableware
  • Entertainment and Game Ideas To Engage Your Guests
  • A Paperless Post Party Invitation
  • Editable Paper Printables for Menus, Seat Cards, and Gift Tags
  • Three Custom DJ Mixes and Playlists
  • A Planning Timeline and Checklists

Each box is intended for a group of 8 or less



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