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We like to think of ourselves as party architects – drafting the blueprints of artful, effortless celebration.

Our collection of Bluebird in a Box products makes at-home entertaining a breeze. No more hours spent scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration, no more wandering the grocery store aisles debating what to cook, no more gluing your fingers together making decorations.

Our selection of party-planning resources offers a complete road map to every kind of get-together. We walk you through the whole shebang – from what your party will look like to what it will smell and feel like to how it will sound.

With the carefully curated recommendations and chic touches for which our Brand is known, we’ve perfected the party experience for first-timers and veteran hosts alike.

So dive in and check out the Birdhouse, Blueprint, Bluebird Box, Little Blue Book, and Boutique! We give you the goods – you get the glory!


Our Blueprints are a step-by-step game plan for hosting memorable gatherings. Plus, you get access to all of our resources and expert intel in a handy digital guide so that you can start planning your epic event from anywhere—the couch, the bath – or even during that never-ending conference call you’re on (we won’t tell your boss). We know you’re always on the go, so we created a party planner that fits right in your pocket – fun right at your fingertips!



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Why “shop until you drop” to pull together the puzzle pieces of your event? We created the Bluebird Box so that you can party ‘til you drop instead. Each Box includes both the digital Blueprint AND a goody Box shipped right to your front door with timeless, handpicked elements that will take your event to the next level – playful pieces like place card holders, candles, swizzle sticks, cocktail napkins, and more. So forget running all those errands, and stay cozy at home. A quick trip to the mailbox is all you need!

Each box will include items like:
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Need some help? Our Little Blue Book brings our Blueprint concept to you with white glove delivery service from our favorite local vendors in your area. Select your Blueprint, and let us pair you with the perfect caterer, florist, and rental company. Consider us your very own matchmaker!

Choose from any of the services below:
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• What happens after I purchase my Little Blue Book?

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You know the joy of discovering a beautiful shop for the first time? One where the air somehow feels charged with a little hint of something special, where you linger every few feet, brushing your fingers lightly over every surface, and holding delicate things in your hands, imagining taking them home with you? Well, we’ve created that world of wonder right here on the Internet for you. Virginia, founder of Bluebird in a Box, has handpicked every product in The Boutique, hoping to excite and inspire you to share in her love of timeless design and artful celebration.

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