Want to Be a Good Host? Here’s What Not to Do

We don’t want to jinx it, but things are finally beginning to look good. Soon you may be able to ditch Zoom meetings and (*crossing fingers*), meet your friends in person. When it’s time to hold parties, like most people, you’ll be thinking of how to be a good host.

You’ll find the usual suggestions on how to get it right. But more important are tips on what not to do. Why make your own mistakes when you can easily learn from those of others?

To make it easy for you, here are eight things that you shouldn’t do if you want to be a good host.

1. Surprise everyone

Yes, you want everyone to remember the party but that doesn’t mean you should try something utterly new. If it’s something you haven’t tried before, it will get stressful for you and everyone else.

Don’t introduce an exotic cuisine that may not go well with everyone. Don’t try an activity that you think is fun but could be taxing for the rest.

2. Ignore your guests’ needs

This is the most important responsibility of a host. The important thing here is to ask them if they have any special preferences or needs. Some guests may be too polite to inform you unless you specifically request. By the time they say it, you could be busy with other things.

So, whether it’s dietary restrictions or allergies, you should proactively ask and incorporate your guests’ preferences.

3. Delay the preparations

Here’s the golden rule for party preparations: Things will take longer than expected. No matter how experienced you are, things may not go according to plan if you keep them for the last minute.

Whether it’s getting the pool cleaned or primping, get to it early.

4. Underserve

Always err on the side of caution. Make sure that you have enough stock of whatever you’ll be offering your guests. The last thing you want to do at a party is to tell your guests that you’ve run out of something. Especially when they might have begun to like it.

So, ensure that you have adequate stock of whatever you serve, from wine to starters.

5. Be in charge of everything

You may have the best intentions but one of the easiest ways to make mistakes is by managing everything. Involve a partner or a friend in the planning and organizing.

Importantly, if guests want to help you out, don’t push them away. That might make them feel involved.

6. Ignore the bathroom

It’s usually a rookie mistake but sometimes even party veterans tend to do it. Remember that your guests will use your bathrooms at least once. Whatever other impression they may have of your house is irrelevant if the bathroom doesn’t match up.

Thoroughly clean the bathroom, empty the bin, stock up on toilet paper, and make sure there is enough soap in the bottle.

7. Discuss politics

We hope we don’t have to tell you that it will get polarizing and there could be heated exchanges. Here’re the basic rules to remember to avoid those unpleasant conversations. To begin with, you shouldn’t initiate it no matter how tempting it may be.

Secondly, the moment someone brings it up, say that politics is off the table. Be friendly but clear that you’d rather not have it. Remember that even if everyone’s on the same side, the discussion could get depressing. And that’s the last thing you want at your party.

8. Forget to relax

Yes, it’s one of the ironies of parties. Between the planning and the invitations and the food, it’s easy to forget that you’re doing all this to have a good time. You may have plenty to do but during those hours, you need to unwind with your guests.

Don’t worry about the cleaning. You can do it later or the next day. Don’t worry that someone is running late. It’s bound to happen. Don’t worry that it’s getting late. That’s the point. Don’t wonder whether the music is right. If it’s not, someone will change it.

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