Guest Gifts From Your Garden

When spring rolls around, we start getting super excited for all the cut flowers, herbs, and fresh fruits and veggies we can grow right at home! In this post, we’re sharing our favorite ways to give your party guests memorable keepsakes straight from your garden!

Make the Cut!

When planning your garden, include flowers that will make great arrangements your guests can take home. Here’s a great list of cut flowers you can plant to get started!

Can It!

Anyone who’s ever planted an edible garden knows it can actually be hard to eat everything you grow! Which is why we suggest canning those fruits and veggies and giving them to your guests in darling little mason jars. They’ll be thanking you all year long for any one of these canned treats!

Create A Harvest Table

If you’ve ever used one of our Blueprints, you know we like options when it comes to decorating a table! For a lovely organic vibe, pluck some of your fresh produce, twist a few leafy branches off one of your trees, and style them together in a line down the center of your table. And then let your guests take the harvest home at the end of the night!

Pass The Herb

If you’re growing herbs in your garden, send guests home with some cuttings of their own. Whether they transplant the roots to their own gardens or decide to grow them in the kitchen windowsill, they’ll always remember you by this gift that keeps on giving! Get mini terracotta pots like this for the cuttings, plant them in dirt, and place one at each guest’s seat!

Frame It

We’re verrrry into this recent tutorial from Studio DIY for how to create pressed flower keepsake frames in under 2 minutes! They’re just breathtaking if you ask us, and what a gorgeous way to capture a special moment in time!

Brew It

Send your guests home with a custom tea inspired by your dinner theme. This resource from The Spruce is an excellent guide for what to grow in your garden so that you can whip up a delicious cuppa anytime you want!