Pre-Party Checklist

We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed, & having too much on the checklist….Or, even worse, that feeling of forgetting to add something to the checklist. You’re out running around the town, attempting to complete every task on that list in a day.

Let me save you the trouble now- it just isn’t possible. Why? Because you’re human and you have a million other things to do outside of that silly piece of paper with ink bled across the paper because you were rushing so fast out the house and spilled your coffee all over the list.


It’s okay, that is why we are here! Parties should be fun, inviting guests to your house should be exciting! So let’s make entertaining at home a stress- free experience together. We’ve curated a checklist for the two types of party planners:

  1. The Plan Ahead Host
  2. The Last Minute Host

Whichever host you are, you’re absolutely killing it, but check out these pre-made checklists to get you through the preparation process:

Few Tips:

  1. Grocery shop for Food & beverages– to make this easier on you- the blueprints within the Birdhouse membership have already curated recipes with grocery lists just for you!
  2. Check Sound System– music is key to the ambiance of a party so make sure they work properly- and our playlists within the Blueprints have already been created for you