The Brains Behind Bluebird In A Box

10 years ago, Virginia Trafton Frischkorn took the nationwide wedding and events industry by storm with her company, Bluebird Productions. Her work has been lauded by Martha Stewart, Brides, Vogue, Over The Moon, and more because she is simply the gold standard in event planning. Virginia is synonymous with impeccable taste, extreme resourcefulness, and singular originality – she is truly the guru of good times.

In fact, Virginia’s typically so ahead of the trends that she’s the one setting them! Neon signs and Boho-Western chic? Yeah, those were her ideas first. She is a true triple-threat with pioneering instincts, encyclopedic knowledge, and a deep understanding of how to create moments of true connection. Her clients (and her own staff!) often suspect she’s some kind of undercover superhero – the way she’s always predicting the future, reading minds, and pulling rabbits out of hats. And while she is driven by a passion for planning and details, at the end of the day, for Virginia, it’s all about the people.

She works tirelessly to inspire happiness, presence, and gratitude with every project. Virginia is like the Leonardo DaVinci of modern merrymaking – constantly architecting new ways to create community through joyous celebration, always thinking outside of the box and 50 steps ahead.

And though she loves a beautiful Instagram photo as much as the next person, she also knows that real life is infinitely more extraordinary and has set out to prove it. Compelled by a desire to gather people together in meaningful ways, Virginia is bringing that beauty directly to you. Bluebird in a Box is the unique expression of her expert experience and lifelong love of putting smiles on faces and happiness in hearts.