About Bluebird In A Box

We believe in gathering friends – old and new – around a beautifully set table. We treasure mid-conversation giggle fits and compliments to the chef. We live for the kind of candlelight that makes everyone look just a little bit younger and music that makes everyone feel just a little bit bolder.

Bluebird in a Box is the creation of luxury event producer, Virginia Frischkorn of Bluebird Productions, and brings the most innovative companies and influencers in the country together to capture that magic and put it in a Box just for you.

A Bluebird in a Box evening will transport you to the cliffsides of southern Italy with our “A Taste Of Italy” Box or to a toasty bonfire in the mountain woods with our “Campfire” Box or to fresh fields and country hills with our “Farm To Table” Box.

A Bluebird in a Box party will linger in memories and conversations for years to come.

How Bluebird In A Box Took Flight

We love a great story, and every event has a tale to tell. When Covid-19 hit the United States, we lost the ability to help our clients tell theirs – whether it was the love story of two people coming together in marriage, the life story of a colleague retiring after years of meaningful service, or the birth story of a newborn coming home from the hospital. It was heartbreaking for us to see the ebb in connection and celebration as people began to quarantine alone in their homes. We just knew that we had to do something – our eternal party spirit could not be broken!

Still, we wanted to be mindful of the shifts we had seen as isolation guidelines relaxed. Our family and friends wanted to host (socially distant and responsible) gatherings but no longer had the time or emotional bandwidth to make a hundred decisions about the nitty-gritty details. So Bluebird in a Box was born! We “boxed” up all of our best know-how for you, so that you can host unforgettable parties with warm ambiance, delicious food, engaging conversation, and…wait for it…minimal effort!

Bluebird Productions is a nationally renowned wedding and event planning company – just ask our friends over at Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue, Brides, Over the Moon (and more)! We have built a reputation for our top-notch systems and impeccable design aesthetic. Basically – we make throwing legendary parties look easy as pie.


In Colorado, (our HQ), a “bluebird day” is the kind of day with a fresh blanket of snow that fills you with possibility and a clear, blue sky that makes your pulse race. Everything is just perfectly…effortlessly…heart-exploding. And so it was simply written in the sky that the bluebird would be our promise to our clients – a commitment to imagining and executing that special alchemy of magic and revelry every day.